Heat Wave Likely to Hit Next Week

Portland will soon be getting into the heat.  Forecast models have been showing for weeks a very warm to hot back half of June.  Right now, 90 degree temperatures look likely next week Monday through at least Thursday and maybe Friday.  Although temps may not reach 100 degrees, humid conditions for such hot weather is expected. 

Above normal temperatues with several runs of 90 degree weather is expected over the next two weeks. PDX records show the most 90 degree plus days in the month of June happened back in 2015 when nine days warmed to 90 or better.   A typical June only warms to 90 degrees one to two times. 

The summer outlook from the National Weather Service continues to call for a hotter and drier than normal summer season.  The record for 90 degree hot days for a year stands at 29 days back in 2015.  It is interesting to note that the 4 hottest summers in terms of 90 degree days have occurred since 1987.  There seems to be plenty of data to support a recent warming trend of Portland summers getting hotter and hotter.  Last summer saw hot weather reaching 90 or better 24 days, including a sizzling August that saw eleven 90 degree days and went on to be the warmest August overall in the record book.  An average year features just 11-13 days reaching 90 degrees.

Meteorologist Rod Hill  (publish update June 14th, 2018)