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THURSDAY:  Partly cloudy, a wintry mix of showers after early fog pockets.  Elevations near or above 1,000' could see up to 2" of snow.  West winds 5-15 mph.  Total moisture up to .20 inches.  Winds west 5-15 mph. 

FRIDAY: Cloudy, showers or periods of steady precipitation that could be mostly snow. Ground temps will be in the 30s and may allow sticking snow of at trace to -3".  Warming into the mid to upper 30s would mean wet snow in the air for Portland and sticking snow at higher elevations.  Southwest to east winds 5-25 mph.  The chance of snow continues Friday night. 

SATURDAY:  Partly cloudy, dry weather expected.  Any Friday snow would melt during the day. 

SUNDAY:  Mostly cloudy, possible mix of showers.

MONDAY:  Partly cloudy, a good chance of dry weather.

TUESDAY:  Cloudy skies, likely rain. 

WEDNESDAY:  Mostly cloudy, rain showers.