Hot back half of summer

Portland likely to see 90 degree heat this weekend with temps Sunday rising to near 100 degrees. As of Saturday morning, August 26th, PDX has hit 90 or better 15 days. With forecast models showing possible 90 degree heat through next Tuesday and again Labor Day weekend and another possible heat stretch around September 10th, the number of hot days may rise into the mid 20s, which would put the summer of 2017 on the list of hottest summers. Obviously, my projection of no more than 14 hot days (reaching 90 or better) is turning out to be way off! I simply did not see reason to expect what may be 12 sizzling days in the month of August. The most 90 degree days on record at PDX for August is 13 back in 1967. This month may challenge the record. Also, if Portland hits 90 or higher 25 times, this summer will be second to the hot year of 2015 when PDX hit 90, 29 times. Rod Hill
Snow Likely For Portland

By Rod Hill on 08-Feb-19 00:00.

Confidence remains high that lowest elevations of the I-5 corridor from Albany to Vancouver


Low Center To Bring Gusty Winds

By Rod Hill on 05-Jan-19 14:49.

A low pressure track this evening (Saturday night) will bring a period of gusty winds, heavy rain and possible thunderstorms.  Weather alerts for possible high winds have been posted by the NWS from 8:00 pm until 4:00 am Sunday.


EF0 Tornado in North Portland

By Rod Hill on 29-Oct-18 22:16.

The NWS confirms an EF-0 tornado, Sunday afternoon at 2:58 pm in north Portland, 3 miles west of PDX, near Marine Drive.  Peak gusts are estimated at 74 mph.  Damage includes, minor tree damage, minor roof damage and three semi-truck trailers overturned in a parking lot. There were no reported injuries.


Rod Hill's Winter Outlook 2018-2019

By Rod Hill on 09-Oct-18 23:38.

Before I begin, it is important to share with you my track record of accuracy for seasonal forecasting, dating back to 2000-2001.  Last winter my forecast was a success, largely because of my 67% confidence call for a below normal water year.  In fact, PDX recorded a water year ending September 30th of 30.03


July 2018 High Temperature Ties for Warmest All-Time

By Rod Hill on 01-Aug-18 17:04.

The official July climate report for PDX shows an average high temperature of 87.5 degrees, which ties the July of 1985 as the warmest all time.  The mean temperature was 74 degrees, which is the 2nd warmest on record.  The average low was 60.5, coming in as the 5th warmest in recorded history. 



Heat Wave Likely to Hit Next Week

By Rod Hill on 11-Jun-18 15:58.

Portland will soon be getting into the heat.  Forecast models have been showing for weeks a very warm to hot back half of June.  Right now, 90 degree temperatures look likely next week Monday through at least Thursday and maybe Friday.  Although temps may not reach 100 degrees, humid conditions for such hot


Spring Outlook 2018

By Rod Hill on 20-Mar-18 14:47.

Spring begins with sunshine and 60 degree temperatures for the Rose City, but quickly turns wet and chilly with snow levels near 1,500 feet Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Despite the bumpy start, the Spring Outlook for the months of April, May and June looks promising for pleasant weather.


Mild February, early spring possible

By Rod Hill on 04-Feb-18 01:45.

The outlook from the National Weather Service calls for above normal temperatures for Portland during the month of February.  The outlook for rainfall is less confident but leans toward drier than normal precipitation.  Forecast models also point towards warm and drier than normal weather through the first 20 days


Total Lunar Eclipse

By Rod Hill on 29-Jan-18 22:25.

Triple treat for January’s second full moon

January’s second full moon will be a triple treat: it will be this month’s second full moon; the second perigee full moon; and best of all, there will be a total lunar eclipse! 

The ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’



Rod Hill's Winter Outlook 2017-2018

By Rod Hill on 26-Oct-17 03:20.

Like many forecasters that attempt long-range, seasonal forecast, I rely heavily on the projected Enso Cycle, which is a reference to projected water temperatures in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean.