Snow Likely for Portland, Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019

Confidence remains high that lowest elevations of the I-5 corridor from Albany to Vancouver
will see Friday evening rain with snow levels near 1,500 feet and surface temperatures 
holding in the mid 30s through the midnight hour.  Total moisture Friday night will be near
.25 inches, which would drop 4” of snow near the snow level. 
SATURDAY MORNING & NIGHT:  All moisture to fall as snow showers or fairly steady snow. Surface
temps are uncertain, but Portland and Salem may hold above freezing through mid-morning. 
A developing low center will deepen during the day as it drops south, which will bring cold
air advection and likely freezing afternoon temps at sea level, leading to widespread sticking
snow, including at the coast.  Likely snow through much of Saturday night will bring at least 2-3”
of low level accumulations and possibly more like 4-5 inches.  East winds will become increasingly
gusty during the day, 10-25 mph, gusty to 40 near the gorge.  Once again, daytime temps in the 
metro valley will top out near 36 degrees but could be 30 degrees by 3:00 or 4:00 pm. 
SUNDAY:  Snow will be cut to flurries by sunrise with early temps 20-26 degrees.  Look for flurries
or  light snow showers during the day with cold high temps in Portland and Salem near 34 degrees. 
Winds will be light. 
SUNDAY NIGHT:  A fast moving low center, dropping northwest to southeast will bring 2-3” of snow,
setting the stage for icy, snow covered roadways Monday morning.  Low temps 27-30 degrees. 
MONDAY:  A quiet daytime, then rising temps to 40 degrees.  Rain develops late day. 
NOTE:  Forecast models have backed off on Tuesday snow and my tracking finds a south wind 
flow, which would lead to a rain / snow mix of little if any accumulation near and below 1,000 feet. 
The forecast continues to be well above normal through the 20th of the month with most days 
struggling to reach 40 degrees and more snow chances in the days ahead.
Rod Hill