April Outlook Update

By Rod Hill on 14-Apr-14 09:27.

The outlook for drier and warmer than normal weather the final two weeks of April is on track!  Current forecast models show no big rain storms through the end of the month.


Wet March fuels discussion of climate shift

By Rod Hill on 02-Apr-14 09:12.

Our wet March weather is yet another reason to belief Portland's rainy season could be on the move from winter into spring.  A few years ago I did a comparison of recent rainfall from November through February to the spring months of March through June.  The result was a nearly equal average, meaning spring


Wet March 2014, Sets Records

By Rod Hill on 31-Mar-14 10:00.

PDX ends March tied for the 2nd wettest on record with 7.52" of total rainfall.  March of 1957 also had the same amount of total precipitation.


Spring Outlook

By Rod Hill on 26-Mar-14 21:51.

A wet weather pattern with most days seeing measurable rainfall is expected through the first full week of April.  Forecast models show high pressure ridging developing around April 10th.


Spring begins Thursday morning!

By Rod Hill on 17-Mar-14 21:58.

Eight 60 degree days this month and counting has spring fever in full bloom across the Rose City.  Only for now, cherry blossoms are stealing the show.


Portland to get a "Spring" like treat

By Rod Hill on 10-Mar-14 11:15.

Today's sun breaks will likely be the kick-off to a stretch of warm, mostly dry spring-like days for much of the Northwest.  The 7day forecast shows mostly dry weather this week, Tuesday through Sunday.  In fact, current forecast models show zero strong storm fronts through March 21st.  The next 10 plus


Portland now above normal for February rainfall

By Rod Hill on 17-Feb-14 17:12.

Sunday night's storm met the challenge of being the strongest in a series of February weather fronts to pass Portland.  The photo above shows high water over highway 30.  Localized flooding has been reported from the coast to the valley.  Portland saw nearly an inch of rain fall during the overnight, ea


Weekend Flood Watch in Effect

By Rod Hill on 14-Feb-14 08:08.

Saturday afternoon update:   Metro rain totals could exceed .75" through early evening.  Rain will break into showers tonight. 

Total rainfall Sunday - Monday noon:  1.25 - 1.75" possible

Tuesday:  Rainfall may exceed .50".


Arctic blast helps build Mt. Hood snowpack

By Rod Hill on 09-Feb-14 20:17.

Six days of Arctic air triggered more than 2 feet of new snowfall on Mt. Hood.  Both Mt. Hood Meadows and Timberline resorts report 26 inches of new snow.  Low snow levels also helped Mt. Hood Skibowl build a two feet base over the resort's front slope.  The Mt.


Most February snow since 1993!

By Rod Hill on 07-Feb-14 15:07.

The Portland Airport measured 3.8 inches of snow on the ground from yesterday's storm, the most for any February since nearly 7 inches fell over the entire month back in 1993.  In fact, Thursday's snowfall becomes the first time February has picked up any measurable snowfall since 1995.  If Portland's snow d