Summer on pace to be the hottest since 2009

By Rod Hill on 04-Aug-14 20:32.

Monday's high temperature of 93 degrees at PDX becomes the 10th, 90-degree day of 2014.  With 90 degree temperatures likely into the first 2-weeks of September, Portland is on pace to see 16 or more 90 degree days this summer, which would be the most since the record summer of 2009, when PDX sizzled, warming to 9


Record July Rainfall

By Default admin account on 23-Jul-14 13:40.

Tuesday rainfall through 4:00 pm has reached .41" at PDX, which is a record amount for the calendar date.


Portland Dry Season Has Begun

By Rod Hill on 05-Jul-14 19:21.

With no rain in sight on the forecast models through July 22nd, it appears Portland's summer dry season kicked-off back on June 30th, after seeing more than 1.25 inches of rain over a 10 day stretch.  Natives to our area have long said that summer begins July 5th and the record book backs up the folklore.  H


Hottest day since August of 2012

By Rod Hill on 02-Jul-14 07:46.

Tuesday turned out to be a "dog day" of summer, meaning just one hot day.  Yesterday's quick hitting   hot spell was the warmest temperature in Portland since PDX hit 100 degrees back on August 16th of 2012.  The airport's official high temperature Tuesday was 99 degrees at 4:14 p.m.  The reco


Lightning Safety

By Rod Hill on 25-Jun-14 12:46.

Lightning safety rules should be refreshed in your mind each summer.  Lightning strike counting between 1990 - 2012 shows a dramatic increase across Oregon.  Data, mostly collected from eastern Oregon, shows an increase in yearly strikes, rising from 29,000 strikes to nearly 50,000 on average over the past t


Summer begins Saturday morning!

By Rod Hill on 17-Jun-14 11:02.

Our cool & stormy weather feels like early spring, but summer is days away.  The summer solstice will occur this Saturday at 3:51 a.m. PDT.  At this time, the earth is tilted so that the north pole is at its closest point to the sun.


Drought conditions cover much of Oregon

By Rod Hill on 10-Jun-14 10:26.

The U.S. Drought Monitor report shows most of Oregon and much of Washington to be abnormally dry, with parts of southern Oregon declared as a moderate to severe drought.  Severe drought conditions are in place over southeastern Oregon.


This summer could be a scorcher!

By Rod Hill on 19-May-14 12:16.

If summer outlooks from the National Weather Service are correct, Portland and much of the Northwest will melt under above normal temperatures this June, July and August.  The metro valley could experience its first hot summer since the record year of 2009.


90 degree heat sets record!

By Rod Hill on 14-May-14 19:00.

Portland's first 90 degree day of the year sets a new record for May 14th of 91 degrees.  The old record of 88 degrees was just two year ago, back in 2012.  No surprise to see 90 degree heat in mid-May, in fact most of Portland's daily record highs are now in the 90s.  Today surpassed May 1st when the m


El Nino is Brewing

By Rod Hill on 29-Apr-14 06:43.

A large slosh of warm water is migrating toward south America in the equatorial waters of the Pacific.  Latest observations indicate surface water temps  are 9 degrees Fahrenheit above normal.  If the warm water area holds together and continues to migrate to the east, an El Nino pattern would be expected